Space N-AS opened in 2014 as event space mainly for performing arts

While RAKUDOAN (Tsukasacho Kannda in 2004 is a space also for expermental performing artists、main objective of the Japanese style space is for achieving alternative artistic activities directly connected with humanbody. Spiritual trainings are also practised in dayly base and important agenda in RAKUDOAN.

In Space N-AS, intimate relationship between high technology based on science and performing arts is on focus. We are in a new era where the technolgies such as brain machine interface based on cognitive science become immensely mature and of paramaunt importance for performing arts. SpaceN-AS is generated for coping with such rapidly changing situation in performing and visual arts.

September 2014 residence of Sarod player Steve Oda (California) for classical north indian music

   Descember 26th Flamenco troupe KOKO&Ricardo Dias concert

3rd January 2015 a performing art festival by the following artists

   TAKESHI (YUNI )、Scott Jordan(Comtemporary Koto)、ASUKA(Contemporary・Butoh)

   MARIANA (movement artist)、TETSU(Media Art, Videografic Art), Sam de Belder(Contemporary dance)

   KARASU (Kagura・Ninja)、Andreas Schneider(Art Planner)、Masakazu Matumoto(Molecular Simulation Artist),、Hideo(sound)

SpaceN-AS provides opotunity for artists to present their art by creating their products over weeks as performance as opposed to the traditional style of performing arts where the arts are presented for only limited time in front of audience.